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Enzyme Bacteria Products


Nilodor® ZymeCLING Multi-Purpose Bio-Enzymatic Gel

Made to cling to the inside of drains and pipes so that it may continue working around the clock. Fast acting and extremely effective at breaking down and digesting organic material (proteins, starches and sugars) from hard to reach drains and areas where drain flies breed. Helps eliminate odors from drains and improve flow in slow drains. Safe for all types of plumbing and is non-pathogenic and non-caustic.

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Husky® 401 Uric Acid Eradicator - Qt.

Fast-acting odor eliminator contains live non-pathogenic bacteria that attack uric acid and organic soil odors in the restroom and other commercial areas. Eliminates odor problems at the source. May be used with pressure washers.

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Nilodor® Bio-Enzymatic Multi-Surface Degreaser

Use in your daily maintenance program to leave your food preparation areas smelling fresh and your floor surface clean and grease free. Degreases, controls odors and restores grout color safely and effectively. An alternative to harsh chemical floor cleaners. Contains Natural Orange Oils.

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Nilodor® Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester

Contains selected strains of natural bacteria (bacillus), enzyme cultures, an odor neutralizer and surfactants. Provides immediate relief by neutralizing odors, as well as eliminating the source of the odor. This product does not contain any harsh chemicals such as solvents, acids, caustic or undesirable pathogens such as salmonella or pseudomonas. Concentrated.

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Nilodor® Nilozyme™ Trap & Drain Treatment

Nilozyme's multi-strain bacterial formulation with free enzymes will liquefy and digest complex proteins, cellulose and starch. Nilozyme™ is resilient to bleach, disinfectants and many other cleaning chemicals. Use on grease traps and garbage chutes. Help to maintain & deodorize drains. A trap and drain treatment that will reduce maintenance of grease traps, septic systems, and open clogged drains.

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