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Scrubbers - Auto & Walk


Tornado® BD 17/6 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber

This battery-operated scrubber is perfect for small-to-medium sized spaces, or hard-to-clean areas underneath counters where a mop is traditionally used. Vacuum motor: 340 W / 14 amp; Brush motor: 340 W / 14 amp. Brush type: Disc; Solution/Recovery tanks: 6 gal./6 gal. Brush width: 17"; Brush RPM: 190; Squeegee width: 20".  ea

Manufacturers Item #99617

Tornado® BD 14/4 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber - 14"

Designed to scrub hard-to-clean areas where a traditional mop and bucket are used. It is compact, powerful, versatile and perfect for small or confined spaces. Vacuum motor: 0.8 hp. Brush motor: 0.3 hp. 24V battery.  ea

Manufacturers Item #99414