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Specialty Floor Pads


ETC Ruff® Floor Machine Brush/Pad - 14"

Thousands of brushes laminated to a floor pad driver. Aggressive but not abrasive. Serged to secure the edges. The porous materials allow liquids to pass through to the surface for use with autoscrubbers. Light weight, flexible, easily switched for regular floor pads and is much less expensive than a brush driver block.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #2985140

ETC The Redwood Floor Machine Pad

Designed to recondition the surface of a wood floor (gymnasiums, parquet areas, etc.). With its fine abrasive action, it will smooth the surface of raised wood fibers that are created when using waterbased sealers and finishes. It will deburr, smooth and clean wood floor surfaces between coats to give you adhesion and the resulting level surface needed for that next coat. Redwood™ is a 3/8" pad and should be used with a 1" ETC Red pad to drive it.

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Scotch-Brite® Stone Care Floor Pads

Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus are diamond coated floor pads for cleaning and polishing marble, terrazzo, slate, and polished concrete flooring. Sienna Diamond Floor Pad Plus are diamond coated floor pads for cleaning and conditioning worn and dull marble, terrazzo, slate, and polished concrete flooring.

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Scotch-Brite® Surface Preparation Pads

Reduces the need for chemical strippers. Use pad with neutral cleaner or water. If neutral cleaner is used, rinse floor with water prior to applying floor finish. Once floor is dry, dust with 3M Easy Trap Duster before applying floor finish. Helps reduce labor hours and material costs related to stripping floors. No slippery residue from strippers. No stripper cleanup on baseboards or nearby floors. No chemical contamination on skin, clothes and shoes. Effectively removes floor finish, leaving a clean surface ready for recoating. Product can be used on vinyl tile, marble, terrazzo, concrete and other floor types. Prepares hardwood floors for finish applications. Scuffs surface to create optimal bonding of finish. Diffuses scratches and conforms to uneven surfaces. Use with water-based or oil-based finishes.

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