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Floor Machines


Tornado® P Series Floor Machines

Built for years of trouble-free operation and long-lasting performance. Our patented, non-conductive one piece rotationally molded body is designed to absorb the torque and vibration normally felt when operating a floor machine. The one piece base and motor housing ensures that wires and capacitors are completely enclosed, enhancing the machine's durability, longevity and safety. These units are so ruggedly built, they out weigh most metal machines in the industry today. Has a triple planetary gear system and a 1.5 hp motor to handle the most demanding jobs. From daily polishing to heavy scrubbing or stripping this machine has what it takes for the cleaning and maintenance professional. 1.5 hp motor, 115V power system; 19.5" motor height. 175 rpm disc; 31" L x 20.5" W x 44.5" H.

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