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Low Density Roll


Berry Big City® Blended LLDPE - 52 x 75, 2 mil, Black

High-quality blend of virgin LLDPE and recycled content, 10% post-consumer waste in black liners 1 mil and above. Ideal for heady-duty applications, including sharp, heavy and irregular waste. Exceptional strength with good puncture and tear resistance. Coreless rolls.  5/10/cs

Manufacturers Item #LBR5275X5B

AEP® Low Density Can Liner -46 x 50, 30 mic, 1.2 mil, Gray

The strength of HDPE without the zippering. Tear strength and elasticity of Hexene linear. 10 times the dart strength of other bags. Fulfills any and all end user requirements. Meets LLDPE quality specifications. Superior dart and tear strength of mPE. Thick recycled bags w/the strength of mPE. Does not break. Exclusive Metallocene technology resin. Technologically advanced film process. Producing the Strongest bags ever made. Does not leak. Unique 99.9% leakproof HexSeal construction. HexSeal construction holds 1/3 more lead than gusseted bags. Computer integrated manufacturing = highest level of quality control.  10/10/cs

Manufacturers Item #465030G

Low Density Coreless Roll Liner - 46 x 50, .80, Black

Made from a blend of premium linear low density resins, these economical liners feature superior stretch and tear resistance. Designed to handle ordinary waste removal. Gallon Capacity: 6 Bushel.  5/20/cs

Manufacturers Item #4053000195

Low Density Coreless Roll Liners

Heavy guage film to handle demanding loads. Clear film helps stop theft and misplaced items from being discarded.

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Rollpak Bulldog™ Liner - 33x40, Black, 2.00 mil

Made with high-quality blended resins with up to 70% recycled content. Excellent strength with superior puncture and tear resistance. Three-ply seamless tubular construction with leak-proof star seal. Helps quality for points toward LEED Green Building Certification.  10/10/cs

Manufacturers Item #PR39-200-K

Rollpak LoadStar™ Linear Low Density Can Liner

Made with proprietary formulas using 100% prime virgin resins. Excellent strength with solid puncture and tear resistance. Seamless tubular construction. Leak-proof star seal. Clear and white manufactured using FDA-approved resins.

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