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Floor Squeegees


MDB Flex Squeegy™ in Steel Housing

Flex Squeegy™ with its soft blade, does a clean job on smooth and textured floor surfaces. The double bladed squeegee has excellent contact, dramatically reducing floor drying time. Flex Squeegy™ blades are closed cell foamed material commonly called "moss." Requires handle #191000, #190300, #190320 or sectional handles with 3/8" stud.

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MDB Flip Flop® Squeegees

The anodized aluminum of these light duty floor squeegees is combined with oil proof neoprene squeegee blades. Has a special socket attachment that allows for forward and backward strokes. The blade is split down the middle for double scraping surface and faster drying.

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MDB Flip Flop® Style Floor Squeegee - 24"

This handy floor squeegee combines the features of moss rubber with the popular Flip Flop® floor squeegee. Accepts handle #190300, #190320, or #191000.  12/cs

Manufacturers Item #649240

Unger® Replacement Rubber For Window Squeegees

Soft and Hard replacement rubber for window squeegees. Soft replacement rubber is ideal for colder working conditions. Conforms to slightly uneven surfaces and is coated with talcum to ensure freshness. Hard replacement rubber is ideal for warmer working conditions. For optimum liquid removal on large, flat surfaces. Also coated with talcum to ensure freshness.

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