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Floor Sweeps/Push Brooms


MDB Speed Sweep® Fine Duty Polypropylene Sweeps

Available in various sizes. Fine polypropylene sweeps light dust and dirt, gives extremely long wear. Careful blend of straight and crimped poly creates a superior brush. 3" bristle trim.

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MDB Speed Sweep® Heavy Duty Polypropylene Brush - 24"

Out sweeps and outwears any other brush, while resisting abrasion, grease, oil, acids, and alkalis. The straight, stiff bristles easily move heavy debris. 4" bristle trim.  12/cs

Manufacturers Item #230240

MDB Speed Sweep® Stiff Center Fine Border Sweeps

Stiff center moves stubborn debris; fine border sweeps dust and dirt. The excellent qualities of polypropylene in an "all purpose" sweeping tool. 3" bristle trim.

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