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WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ OptiCore® Tissue

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ OptiCore® Tissue

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CB1220 Clear Clean Glass Cleaner - 20 oz.

Manufacturers Item #0100000504-CS

CB702 Renew Neutral Cleaner - Gal.

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Husky® 1130 Foam Control Agent - Gal.

Silicone-based foam control agent eliminates foaming problems. Ideal for use in auto scrubbers, extracting machines, and wet vac equipment. One capful per 5 gals. Provides effective foam control for floor and carpet cleaning applications. Versatile, works as a defoamer and anti-foam. Reduces labor time empting recovery tanks.

Manufacturers Item #1130-G

Husky® 803 S/V Disinfectant - Gal.

A dye-free, fragrance-free, quaternary ammonium disinfectant and sanitizer that effectively cleans and sanitizes food and non-food contact surfaces. Neutral pH. Not for sale in California. EPA registered to kill Norovirus at 1:165 dilution.

Manufacturers Item #803-G

Sani Professional® No-Rinse Sanitizing Multi-Surface Wipe

Virtually no spotting, and reduced streaking and filming. Red for sanitizing. Delivers an average of 380 ppm. EPA registered. Effective against Listeria, E.coli, staph, shigella. Easy and convenient with no mixing, measuring or rinsing. 95 ct., 6 per case.

Manufacturers Item #P56784

TX185 Spot Away Spot Remover Solvent - 16 oz.

Manufacturers Item #0050001000-EA

3M™ Glass Cleaner & Protector - Qt.

With Scotchgard™ protection leaves an invisible layer of protection on glass for easier cleaning after routine use. Ready-to-use. Cleans (but may not protect) other surfaces.

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CB702 Renew Neutral Cleaner - Gal.

Manufacturers Item #1204001002-CS

Sani Professional® Sani-Cloth® Disinfecting Wipe-200 ct

Disinfect non-food surfaces with Sani-Cloth disposable disinfecting wipes. Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds.

Manufacturers Item #P22884