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WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ OptiCore® Tissue

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ OptiCore® Tissue

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CB1220 Clear Clean Glass Cleaner - 20 oz.

Manufacturers Item #0100000504-CS

CB305 Brawny Bowl Clean 20% - Qt.

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Husky® 703 Low Suds Automatic Scrubber Floor Cleaner-Gal

Available in various sizes. Concentrated low-suds cleaner. Designed specifically for automatic scrubbing equipment. Also an effective heavy-duty cleaner for general use. Neutral pH, Blue; No residue. USDA A4 equivalent; pH - 7.5.

Manufacturers Item #703-G

Husky® 830 Food Service Sanitizer RTU - Qt.

Perfect for CIP (Clean in Place) operations requiring an air dry quaternary based sanitizer. No chemical mixing. 200 ppm quat. USDA D2 equivalent; pH 8.5.

Manufacturers Item #830

JAWS® 9002 Portable Unit

No tubes, hoses, check valves, regulators or proportioning tips to "bolt on" later, it's built-in. Provides years of closed-loop worry-free use. Includes free 6 foot water inlet hose.

Manufacturers Item #9002

Pro's™ Choice Power Gel Super Spotter - 118 mL Tube

The most concentrated blend of emulsifiers engineered to dissolve and suspend petroleum based soils and extremely fine particulate soils. Removes copier toner, hair dye, makeup, and more. Use following "Pro-Solve Gel" for unbeatable spot removal.

Manufacturers Item #1051

Pro's™ Choice Stain Magic - 32 oz.

Removes all the stains caused by organic material such as wood furniture, coffee, wine, urine, blood, and much more. Mix equal parts A & B. pH at dilution: 9.

Manufacturers Item #1103

Sani Professional® Sani-Wipe® Sanitizing Wipe -100 ct.

Sani-Wipe® No Rinse Hard, non-porous surface sanitizing wipes are ideal for use in hard, non-porous food preparation areas. Replaces the red bucket for many usage situations. Helps prevent cross-contamination from bacteria. 100 disposable wipers per XL canister.

Manufacturers Item #Q94384

Unger® Ergo Toilet Bowl Swab - Replacement Heads

Long 26" handle for improved worker safety. Longer handle means no bending. Increased productivity with replaceable brush heads that provide a 360° cleaning surface. Bowl cleaner can be applied directly to swab inside bowl for effective cleaning. Swab head is designed for even distribution of cleaning products.

Manufacturers Item #BSRHR